BillSoft advantages

Advantages of our billing software
over other softwares.

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Makes you more productive with our tools

Our billing software now has more ways to help you make the most of your time.


PoS Receipts

Now our billing software can generate Point of Sale receipts which speeds up customer processing and lowers paper costs.


GST/Non-GST Billing

Our billing software allows you to generate both GST/Non-GST invoices and seamless transition from Non-GST to GST invoice.


SMS/Email Support

Our billing software comes integrated with SMS/Email server which helps in better communication with your clients.

Issues of other softwares vs Advantages of
using our billing software



GST Issue

Yearly payments or subscriptions

You need to pay yearly subscription or renewal charges to use other softwares which increases your overall expenditure. Have you ever wondered what will happen to your business and data if that company goes offline?

GST Issue

Needs internet connection

You need active internet connection to use other softwares which increases your dependency on availability of internet and increases time lag due to latency. Online softwares means 'no internet no billing' and 'unsecure data'.

GST Issue

No regular updates

Most of the billing softwares available in market do not update regularly which leads to bugs and poor user experience. Have you ever wondered why few companies recommend Windows 7 instead of Windows 10?

GST Issue

Low quality user interface

Most of the billing softwares available in market copy features from here and there which results in bad user intereface. Only few companies develop product from scratch and invest heavily on user interface.

GST Issue

Low tech development

Are you using software with multi-core support, parrallel programming or any kind of artifical inteligence? Most of you answer in 'no' becasuse these things requires highly experienced team of software engineers.

GST Issue

Support and bug fixes is not priority

Providing support and fixing bugs costs money which many companies are not willing to spend. Only 1% of the softwares available in market are regularly updated and supported.

GST Advantage

Need to pay onetime only

You just need to pay onetime only for your lifetime Hitech BillSoft license. No annual subscriptions or renewal charges for usuage of our software.

GST Advantage

Offline application

While using our billing software you do not requires active internet connection which reduces your dependency on internet. You do not need to switch to paper billing while internet is down.

GST Advantage

Regular updates

At Hitech, we believe in updating ourselves with latest technology and providing better user experience day by day. Our softwares are updated regularly to support latest innovations in operating system and hardware.

GST Advantage

High quality user interface

Hitech BillSoft is developed from scratch after years of research in user behaviour and usuage patterns. Eveything from color used to button placement is result of exhaustive research.

GST Advantage

High tech development

Ever wondered even after integrating SMS, Email, Biometric, Barcode, Multi Core Data Engine, Dual Channel Printing Engine, Supports for 1000's of printers and scanner why our software memory and cpu consumption is low? Because we are Hitech!!

GST Advantage

We hate bugs

We have dedicated quick reaction team for fixing bugs and we just hate bugs. Fixing bugs and providing support is our top most priority, sales comes after that.

Billing becomes more easier.

Download Hitech BillSoft latest version from anywhere, and it's free. Supports Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11.


*Paid version also available with lifetime validity.