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Biometric Attendance

As a business, your focus needs to be on team building, increased productivity and growth and not on managing the time and attendance of your staff. This aspect can be flawlessly taken care of by our integrated attendance system.

Benefits :

1. Saves time by eliminating the need of manual attendance.

2. Generate salary on the basis of attendance.

Staff Salary

With the help of our billing software you can generate salary of staff within minutes. You can check the salary reports including pay slips and confirm the calculations before confirming.

Benefits :

1. Simplifies staff salary generation.

2. Reduces overall manpower cost.

Staff Account

Our billing software allows you to manage staff accounts easily using our simplified forms and state of the art user interface. Ledgers will generated automatically based on transactions like salary generate, payments, and adjustments.

Benefits :

1. Simplifies staff account management.

2. Keeps tab on staff expenses.

Payments and Adjustments

Payments and account adjustments are integral part of any business and our billing software helps in doing this easily. Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer, and Mobile Wallet payments can be added easily. Previous payments and adjustments can be modified.

Benefits :

1. Manage accounts easily without accountant.

2. Simplify the way of doing business.

Sale Commissions

Our biling software provides integrated functionality for managing and tracking sales commissions and incentives programs and processing associated payments. Commissions will be calculated on the basis of sale volume.

Benefits :

1. Calculate sale commissions automatically.

2. Increases staff overall productivity.

Birthday/Anniversary Wishes

Maintaining relation with staff is one of the most important aspect of any business and our billing software automatically send birthday/anniversary wishes through SMS.

Benefits :

1. Shows that you care about staff.

2. Increases your brand awareness.

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